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General & Artisan Contractors

What's different about our coverage?

We have several policy options to ensure you receive the best protection for your exposures. 

We have several policy options:

  1.  A combined professional/E&O and pollution liability policy
  2. A stand-alone general contractor professional liability policy
  3. A stand-alone artisan contractor E&O policy
  4. A stand-alone pollution liability policy

The combined coverage provides the best protection for your exposures. It is one policy, one carrier and one application. With either the combined policy or the professional liability policy or E&O policy, you protect yourself and your business from professional liability exposures, and close the gap with your general liability coverage. We provide a reliable, affordable and innovative policy designed specifically for contractors.

Pollution incident coverage is standard

Coverage has been expanded to include pollution incidents in the combined policy. The pollution coverage gap between professional and general liability policies is lessened. If you dig up a tank or rupture a gas line on a job site, pollution incident coverage is there. Pollution coverage is also available as a stand-alone policy.

Punitive, exemplary or multiplied damage award

We provide protection for unanticipated and unpredictable large claims. Punitive, exemplary or multiplied damage awards are covered up to the limit of liability to the fullest extent permitted by law. We provide this coverage to reduce your fears of uncontrollable punitive damage awards.

ADA and FHA administrative actions

We now reimburse you - up to $25,000 per policy year - for legal fees and expenses incurred in response to ADA or FHA regulatory or administrative actions that are reported before any expenses are incurred.

Self Insured Retention is reduced by 50 percent (up to $25,000 maximum) when the claim is resolved through mediation. If we can resolve claims quickly and avoid expensive court costs, you save too.

Optional extended reporting periods

With one year at 100 percent; 3 years at 190 percent; and 5 years at 250 percent - of the policy term premium. You don't have to fear a claims made form - coverage continues at your option.


For more information about Victor's General & Artisan Contractors program, connect with your business development contact or email