Non-profit Management Liability

The truth is, non-profits are no less vulnerable to lawsuits than any other business. Despite their ethical purpose, many of these companies can be targets of exacting lawsuits – especially because of their perceived deep pockets.

Coverage that wraps around non-profits’ needs

Our Non-Profit Management Liability insurance program is extensive.

Our program offers directors and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime, employed lawyers’ liability and kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage.

Non-profit appetite guide

Victor's non-profit management liability program is designed for an extensive range of organizations. Check out our appetite guide to find out more. 

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8 compelling reasons to insure your non-profit organization

Some non-profit organizations may consider going without coverage to save money. However, dropping your coverage can cost you more than you think.

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Management liability coverages provides broad protection for alleged wrongdoing related to the management and administration of a non-profits. 

Availability: Available in all 50 states and D.C.

Coverage: Admitted in 47 states with an A+ rated carrier (AK, MO and WA available on a non-admitted basis)

Commission: Receive the same commission for both new submissions and renewals

Target risks: Civic and social organizations, chambers of commerce, charities, foundations, human and social services, humane societies, animal shelters, museums and art galleries, trade and professional associations and many more classes. Please refer to our appetite guide for a complete list.

Directors & officers / employment practices liability / fiduciary liability

  • Shared or separate limit options
  • Limits: Up to $5M 
  • Defense outside the limits available
  • Arbitration and mediation incentive for D&O coverage
  • First dollar defense for D&O claims only for certain classes
  • Directors, officers, employees, volunteers, committee members and the entity are covered under D&O policy
  • No D&O and EPL hammer clause
  • The definition of loss under for D&O coverage includes any actual or alleged act, omission, error, misstatement, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty, including any actual or alleged personal injury or publishers liability, by any insured person in his or her capacity as such with the company
  • EPL coverage extended to independent contractors
  • Additional Side A up to $1M
  • Sublimits available for:
    • Directors & officers liability
      • Investigative costs
      • Asset protection costs
      • Public relations costs
    • Employment practices liability
      • Workplace violence expenses
      • EPL crisis expenses
      • Wage and hour defense only
    • Fiduciary liability
      • Voluntary compliance program costs
      • Penalties for violations of HIPAA Privacy Provisions
      • Penalties under Section 502(c) of ERISA
      • Penalties under the Pension Protection Act of 2006
      • Penalties under the Affordable Care Act
      • Penalty under IRC Section 4975


  • Limits: $100,000 - $1M
  • Available coverages include employee theft, forgery/alteration, inside the premises loss, in transit loss, money orders/counterfeit money, computer crime, funds transfer fraud, personal accounts protection, and claims expense

Employed lawyers liability

  • Limit: $1M
  • Provides coverage for the acts of attorneys who work for corporations when acting in a licensed attorney capacity

Kidnap, ransom & extortion

  • Limit: $1M 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Reimburses cost associated with kidnap, express kidnap, wrongful detention, extortion, hijack, hostage crisis or child abduction
  • Covers ransom costs, ransom lost in transit, crisis response expenses, legal liability, accidental death and dismemberment, additional expenses and business interruption 
  • Sublimits available for:
    • Recall expenses related from products extortion
    • Personal belongings lost as result of insured event
    • Threat response
    • Disappearance and investigation expenses
    • Security evacuation

Download the Non-Profit Management Liability coverage highlights sheet

Victor's Non-Profit Management Liability policy provides six coverage parts in a streamlined format:

Directors & officers liability
Directors & officers liability insurance protects directors, officers, and the entity from claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer for a non-profit organization. Claims can include breach of trust, breach of duty, breach of bylaws and much more.

Employment practices liability
Employment Practices Liability protects employees, volunteers, committee members, trustees and the entity from wrongful acts that arise from the employment process. The most frequent types of claims covered under such policies include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Fiduciary liability
Fiduciary Liability protects non-profit organizations and the employees that makes decisions about a company's retirement plan, investment options, employee benefits plan and other fiduciary responsibilities from claims arising out of improper investments, insufficient funding, or breach of fiduciary duties.

Crime coverage protects non-profit organizations from criminal activity including employee theft, forgery and alteration, inside the premises loss, counterfeit money, computer crime, funds transfer fraud, the use of company computers to fraudulently transfer funds and much more.

Employed lawyers liability
Employed Lawyers Liability provides coverage for the acts of attorneys who work for corporations when acting in a licensed attorney capacity.

Kidnap & ransom
Kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage provides protection and guidance for directors, officers, and employees involved in kidnappings, extortion, detention, hijack, ransom, transit, etc. Coverage includes reimbursment for costs associated with the event, ransom costs, crisis response fees, and access to a leading crisis response firm to assist policyholders, should an event occur.

Contact the non-profit management liability team directly at or connect with your business development contact.

Policyholder resources

To get a quote, please submit a completed application through your existing insurance broker. Your insurance broker will then work with our underwriters to provide you with a quote.

If you require assistance in securing an insurance broker, please contact us at

To find the right application, please select the solution you’re interested in under “Solutions” and head to the “Applications” section of that page.

The following steps are intended to help you, the insured, notify Everest Insurance if a claim is made against you: 

  • Quickly gather copies of information about the claim, especially documents such as lawsuit papers
  • Prepare a letter or other writing addressed to the location shown below
  • Send the letter and document copies as soon as practicable after the claim is first made
  • See Section III of your General Terms and Conditions for complete information on notifying us of a claim

If you become aware of a specific wrongful act during the policy period, then see Section III of your General Terms and Conditions for complete information on notifying us of a potential claim.

Report notice of a claim or potential claim to:

Everest Insurance
Nonprofit Management Liability Claims
Warren Corporate Center
100 Everest Way
Warren, New Jersey 07059 
T: +1 (866) 323-4501     

All other notices:       


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