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General & Artisan Contractors

In the evolving world of construction, contractors and subcontractors often have both design and construction responsibilities. From reviewing drawings and proposals, to acting as a construction manager or pulling electrical wiring, contractors are the glue that holds a project together.

All-encompassing coverage for contractors

Victor's General & Artisan Contractors insurance program provides innovative professional liability, errors & omissions, and pollution liability insurance solutions designed specifically for each category of contractors.

Eligible classes of business

A successful construction project involves professionals and skilled trades from a wide range of classes. Our coverages are available to an extensive range of general and artisan contractors. 

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7 compelling reasons to insure your contractor business

Some contractors may consider going without professional liability coverage to save money. However, dropping your coverage can cost you more than you think. 

general contractors

Agent/broker resources

Availability: In all 50 states, D.C. and U.S. territories (U.S. Virgin Islands excluded)   

Target risks: General and design-build contractors, at-risk construction managers and agency construction managers

Minimum premium: $6,000 for professional liability 

Minimum self-insured retention: $10,000 for general contractors

Limits: up to $10 million

Policy features:

  • Rectification coverage
  • Claims-made policies
  • In-house and subcontracted design services covered
  • Agency and at-risk construction management covered
  • Coverage for joint ventures with design firms
  • Reimbursement for legal fees and expenses up to $25,000 per policy year for ADA, FHA and OSHA actions
  • Defendant's reimbursement up to $10,000 per claim
  • Definition of wrongful act does not include 'negligent'
  • Coverage for ownership up to 49%
  • Expanded definition of professional services including architect, engineer, interior designer, landscape architect, land surveyor, LEED consultant and construction manager

Download the General & Artisan Professional Liability coverage highlights sheet

Availability: In all 50 states, D.C. and U.S. territories (U.S. Virgin Islands excluded)

Target risks: artisan contractors including electrical, mechanical, structural, concrete, excavation, fire protection/suppression, paving, waste water/sewer, mechanical, HVAC, roofing, drywall, highway, telecommunication, utility, landscape, geotech and others 

Minimum premium: $3,200 for E&O only; $4,200 for E&O and pollution combined

Minimum self-insured retention: $3,000 and 0% co-insurance 

Limits: up to $5 million 

Policy features:

  • Covers faulty workmanship 
  • Covers negligent errors or omissions by you or on your behalf in the design of your work 
  • Covers the use of defective materials or products in your work 
  • Worldwide coverage for claims brought in the U.S. 
  • Optional extended reporting period for one to five years

Download the General & Artisan Errors & Omissions coverage highlights sheet

Availability: In all 50 states, D.C. and U.S. territories (U.S. Virgin Islands excluded)

Target risks: General, design-build, artisan and environmental contractors.  

Minimum premium: $2,000 for general contractors and $1,000 for artisan contractors

Minimum self-insured retention: $5,000 and 0% co-insurance

Limits: up to $10 million

Policy features:

  • Coverage for pollution claims including cost for government-mandated clean-up 
  • Proactive coverage for mold 
  • No exclusions for asbestos, respirable dust or silica
  • Coverage for punitive damages resulting from pollution liability
  • Coverage for transportation pollution liability
  • Pollution incidents created by the loading or unloading of automobiles are covered
  • Protection for the generation, transportation, storage or disposal of pollutants 

Download the General & Artisan Polluton Liability coverage highlight sheet

Contact the general & artisan contractors team directly at or connect with your business development contact.

Policyholder resources

To get a quote, please submit a completed application through your existing insurance broker. Your insurance agent/broker can work with our underwriters to provide you with a quote.

If you need assistance in securing an insurance broker, you can use our find an insurance agent/broker tool

To find the right application, please select the solution you’re interested in under “Solutions” and head to the “Applications” section of that page.


You have the option not only to report a claim, but circumstances, (situations in which you are concerned that a claim may occur) as well.

Here's how to ensure the fastest possible response to your circumstance or claim:

  1. When you're notified of a claim or become aware of a circumstance, email your claim information to, or you can write the CNA Insurance Companies in care of Victor Insurance Managers LLC, 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400, Bethesda, MD 20814.

  2. With respect to claims, all principals and staff members involved in the claim should be prepared to document the circumstances surrounding the allegation. Your written report to CNA should include the following:

    - Your firm's name and address
    - Your policy number
    - Date, time and location of the situation
    - Brief narrative description of the allegation against you
    - Name of person or entity making the claim
    - Amount of demand, if known
    - Any lawsuit papers or legal proceedings
    - Client - architect/engineer agreement for the project
    - Any other pertinent documents or correspondence, including newspaper accounts

  3. If the claim or circumstance involves a traumatic situation (collapse of a structure, serious bodily injury, etc.), take photographs of the site if possible. Amateur photos taken promptly are more valuable than professional photos taken at a later date.

  4. Consult with your CNA claim specialist before you agree to attend any conferences arranged for the specific purpose of discussing the situation.

  5. Do not sign or accept releases from any parties without first obtaining approval from your CNA claims specialist.

  6. Keep all pertinent letters of agreement for services, correspondence and memoranda.

  7. Accept all letters, memoranda, and suit papers without comment or argument. Do not admit liability, and do not attempt to place blame.

Experienced legal counsel
CNA uses highly experienced and successful legal defense firms that specialize in architects and engineers professional liability claims to help defend you. The attorney assigned to your case will consult with you and keep you informed about all important actions to be taken on your behalf. In addition, your CNA claims professional will help answer your questions and advise you of developments in your case. The legal defense of a lawsuit is often the most critical factor in handling a professional liability claim. Providing you with the experienced legal defense you need is just one more reason why CNA delivers the best claims services available in the industry.

Fast claims service
If you are faced with a claim or potential claim, you can be assured that CNA will provide fast, fair claims service. Applying our experience and expertise, we work with you to protect your firm's assets and reputation by handling your claim quickly and effectively. Specialists give you personal service. Our architect and engineer professional liability claim professionals are available from coast to coast. At Victor and CNA, we continually respond to the evolving needs of your practice. That is our commitment to you - a commitment we've been keeping for over 65 years.

After your insurance company is notified about your claim or incident, we will take the following steps:

  1. An analyst will be assigned to review your case
  2. The analyst will notify your claims specialist, who will contact you within 24 hours of being notified of your situation to begin the investigation.
  3. As the investigation progresses, you and your claims specialist will work together to direct, monitor and assess your case.
  4. If the situation requires legal counsel, an attorney specializing in the defense of architects and engineers claims will be retained to protect your interests.

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. And complex new risks are emerging every year.

To help you understand and overcome these challenges, Victor Risk Advisory offers rock-solid industry insights, risk mitigation resources and much more.

Increasing flow for your agency

Victor's contractors program offers coverages to over 30 artisan contractor specialties. Tap into your general contractor clients' networks for your next referral and write more business. 

Victor Risk Advisory

To help design & construction firms understand and overcome complex risks and challenges, Victor Risk Advisory offers policyholders continuing education courses, automated contract reviews, tools & resources to help manage projects and run their firm, plus much more!

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