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Welcome ACEC members

Victor knows the fine details of insuring firms like yours - we've worked with American Council of Engineering Companies members for many years and we created the world's first professional liability policy for architects and engineers over 65 years ago. 

Discover the Victor difference

At Victor, we offer far more than just a policy. Leveraging over 65 years of data and analysis, our risk advisory, contract review software, and continuing education program are unlike any in the industry. 

Explore the menu below to learn all about the tools and resources available to Victor policyholders. You can also find out more about our professional liability coverage and guidance on how to get a quote. 

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Victor Risk Advisory: tools and resources

Victor policyholders have access to free, accredited continuing education courses. The e-learning education component provides accredited coursework on risk management topics for design professionals of all types and design firms of all sizes, including 39 risk management courses, 7 ethics courses, 6 anti-harassment courses, and over 500 professional development courses.

In addition, the courses have been packaged to address the learning needs of these four roles within a firm:

1. Associate

2. Project Design Professional

3. Project Manager

4. Senior Manager

Each role has a dedicated curriculum with accredited learning units that can be completed in a timeframe designated by firm leadership. Courses are accredited by national and state regulatory bodies to meet CE/PDH requirements (hours vary by state). Any and all courses included within the Victor recommended curricula can be accessed and used individually as firms see fit.

What it does for you

Firms spend considerable time, money, and resources defending and managing claims. Firms can reduce these costs, and mitigate their risks with Victor Risk Advisory. It was created in response to requests from our insureds that embedding stronger risk management practices into firm culture was challenging and an easy solution was needed. Victor Risk Advisory responds to this need by helping firms:

• Reduce the cost and effort of providing risk management training to employees

• Expedite onboarding/training for new employees

• Offer on-demand educational platform

• Support employees’ needs to optimize tracking and reporting of CE credits

• Avoid and mitigate liability claims

• Improve project efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction

• Maintain a strong financial outlook by managing emerging business risks

• Optimize strategic planning with sound risk management protocols

• Protect reputation and brand


Victor policyholders can access courses here

Victor Contract Sifter is an AI-powered contract review tool that allows insureds to upload a professional liability contract and receive actionable guidance within minutes.

This market-changing offering combines Victor’s insurance coverage and risk management expertise with Legal Sifter’s artificial intelligence-powered contract review software.

Victor Contract Sifter provides you with a fast and easy way to spot potential coverage issues and receive actionable guidance on common issues that relate to insurability in professional services agreements. Victor is leveraging AI to expand the accessibility of its contract review services and to provide you with access to real-time and practical risk management guidance.

The software uses AI, in the form of “Sifters,” which are trained to read text and identify important and relevant insurability concepts in contracts. The Sifters learn from user feedback and improve over time. Victor’s in-context expert advice regarding issues of professional liability is embedded in the product and is available to users in every Sift. An integrated routine of “Sifting before you sign” in the contract review process will help design firms embed good risk management practices into their culture.

Issue spotting and in-context expertise

After you upload a professional services agreement into Victor Contract Sifter, within minutes, the product identifies common insurability and practice management issues and offers Victor’s guidance on those issues, including:

  1. an explanation of the concept or issue;
  2. professional liability or insurability concerns associated with the issue;
  3. a recommended response; and
  4. sample language.

Efficiency and standardization

AI-powered issue spotting speeds the process of contract review. Over time, you will gain lasting insight into key issues and learn how to respond effectively to those issues as you negotiate contracts. This approach to contract review may reduce risk and increase standardization of contract terms.

An effective training tool

The product serves as a great teaching tool for contract reviewers who may not be familiar with liability issues in the design and construction industry.

A complete solution

The final redlined document with commentary can be exported out of the application as a Word document. The edited redlined document with proposed modifications can be sent as an attachment to your client, which will ease the contract negotiation process. 

To learn more, log in or request for access, please visit Victor Contract Sifter

Managing Risk Through Contract Language is an essential risk management guide to the contracting process for design professionals. This resource provides overviews of contract terminology and contract law, as well as various types of contracts and contract terms, project-specific and general, commonly used in professional services contracts.

The guide provides an in-depth look at various contract issues, including:

• an overview of contract terminology and contract law, a discussion of how liability arises in contract and in tort, a discussion of some common defenses to professional liability claims, and the importance of relying on legal counsel in negotiating any contract for professional services.

• an overview and discussion of the various types of contracts and contract terms, project-specific and general, commonly used in professional services contracts.

• categories of the various issues that determine whether the risk associated with the client, project, and project contract is reasonable and controllable.

Victor policyholders can log in to access Managing Risk Through Contract Language here.

For more than 65 years, Victor and CNA have collected information on claims against our policyholders and analyzing the data to create risk management resources. From Risk to Profit: Benchmarking and Claims Studies looks at eight key factors, and claims studies, that Victor believes are crucial in assessing and developing appropriate responses to risk.

The design professional’s challenge in today’s competitive environment is to find ways to become more efficient and to reduce costs while improving and expanding services. The first step in meeting this challenge is to create benchmarks of your financial and competitive position and your preferred status in both the near and distant future. The information you need includes an analysis of your firm’s practice, a vision of how you want your firm to be organized and grow over the next few years, and the ability to benchmark your firm through comparison of your firm to similar firms. From Risk to Profit can help your firm accomplish all of that. 

Victor policyholders can log in to access From Risk to Profit: Benchmarking and Claims Studies here.

Victor’s ESG Risk Rater is designed to measure environmental, social, and governance risk across your organization. By completing the ESG Risk Rater assessment, you will gain valuable insights into your firm’s ESG performance, empowering you to get ahead of emerging risks and position your business for growth.

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive a scorecard that includes:

  • your firm’s overall ESG risk rating;
  • individual component scores for “environmental,” “social,” and “governance;”
  • scores across several ESG themes based on the World Economic Forum’s sustainability framework; and
  • risk assessment scores in the context of controls, reporting, resilience, and high-level recommendations for improvements.

Register or log in to request access to the ESG Risk Rater here.

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For any assistance, please email

Get a quote

Our coverage for design professionals offers a coordinated insurance solution that integrates good business and risk management practices with a comprehensive insurance program.

Step 1

Complete the relevant application form from the options below:

Step 2

Send the completed application to your insurance agent/broker. If you do not have an agent/broker, please contact us at and we can help you find an agent/broker near you.

Step 3

Your insurance agent/broker will contact you and provide you with a quote.

Victor's Contractors Equipment program provides broad inland marine coverage for direct physical damage and loss to mobile machinery and equipment used for construction projects and other activites. 

  • Available nationwide (exc. AK and HI)
  • Minimum premium: $500
  • Coverage admitted with an A++ rated carrier

To get a quote for Contractors Equipment insurance coverage, please send a request to your insurance agent/broker. Your insurance agent/broker can work with our underwriters to provide you with a quote.

If you need assistance in securing an insurance broker, you can use our find an insurance agent/broker tool

To learn more about Victor's Contractors Equipment program, visit our dedicated landing page

Victor's Cyber insurance solutions provide far-reaching protection for small to medium-sized businesses across the US. 

To get a quote for Cyber insurance coverage, please send a request to your insurance agent/broker. Your insurance agent/broker can work with our underwriters to provide you with a quote.

If you need assistance in securing an insurance broker, you can use our find an insurance agent/broker tool

To learn more about Victor's Cyber solutions, visit our dedicated landing page

Victor Risk Advisory

To help design & construction firms understand and overcome complex risks and challenges, Victor Risk Advisory offers policyholders continuing education courses, automated contract reviews, tools & resources to help manage projects and run their firm, plus much more!

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