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Policyholder FAQs

Simple answers to some of your clients most common questions about cyber insurance and our Victor Cyber solution. 

Simple answers to your clients' pressing cyber questions.

What is "cyber insurance?"

Cyber insurance provides risk management solutions when your computer system is compromised or the confidential information stored on your computer system is accessed or stolen.

Who needs cyber insurance?

Every business that utilizes electronic systems or keeps paper records of personally identifiable information.

We have an IT department and firewalls, isn’t that enough?

Cyber Insurance augments IT departments and firewalls providing a comprehensive risk management strategy in protecting against user errors or sophisticated criminal attacks.

Do general liability (GL) policies cover cyber exposure?

Recent court bases have established that most general liability carriers do not intend to cover cyber claims. A critical distinguishing provision of the Cyber policy, unlike GL policies, is the immediate service and cyber expertise available to you at the time of the claim.

Are we responsible if there is a security breach to our network?

Yes, you have the duty to protect the personal information of your customers and employees. Cyber coverage will help you continue to properly function after a security breach has occurred. Furthermore, you may have contractual obligations for corporate confidential information.

Am I still responsible if I outsource IT functions to vendors?

Yes, data regulations apply to the entity who collected the information originally.

Am I responsible if a laptop containing confidential information is lost or stolen?

Yes, you are responsible for the security and protection of your customers’ and employees’ data.

Does Victor Cyber cover regulatory fines and penalties?

Yes, coverage will cover civil monetary fines and penalties imposed by a federal, state, local or foreign governmental entity where available by law. Defense for regulatory proceedings is also provided.

Who do I contact if I have a breach or suspected breach?

The Victor Response mobile app, available to download via the App Store or Google Play, is the easiest and quickest way to report incidents and will connect you with an in-house expert to ensure you get the resources to mitigate the situation. The claims experts will address all of the complexities that come with a data breach.

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