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Cyber claim examples

Gain a quick understanding of the types of cyber claims your clients may encounter

Cyber incident response 

  • Firm suffers a data breach and incurs costs ranging from IT forensic analysis, legal advice, costs to notify affected parties, credit monitoring for affected parties, and public relations assistance to help restore public trust in firm.


  • A firm's employee unwittingly clicks a link in a phishing email resulting in ransomware locking out the firm's ability to utilize business critical technology until a ransom demand is paid (or they're able to restore network from back-ups).

System damage & business interruption

  • Malware gets into the computerized factory controllers causing the line to cease operating. IT forensics must be performed to restore system operations.
  • During routine network patching duties, an IT employee accidentally crashes the critical IT infrastructure causing operational disruption when the IT systems are inaccessible.
  • A supplier that a firm depends on for delivery of their end service to customers suffers a cyber event that prevents them from delivering critical parts/services. The firm sustains a business income loss.

Network security & privacy liability

  • A breach of a firm's computer network leads to loss of sensitive customer information. Customers file suit against the firm for the failure to protect their private data.
  • A firm's network security fails to prevent a self-propagating malware from being transmitted from their network to a third party. The firm is sued for financial damages incurred by 3rd parties, like banks that incurred costs to re-issue bank cards to impacted individuals.

Media liability

  • A firm is sued by a competitor when their CEO posts disparaging comments about the competitor on a social media site.

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