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Victor Cyber program FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Victor Cyber solution. 

Operational FAQs

How do I get a quote from Victor?

You can quote, bind and issue Victor Cyber policies with our online portal, V2.

Alternatively, you can send completed applications to If you do not have an application, you can download Victor Cyber application.

Who should I contact if I have questions during the underwriting process?

Please send all underwriting questions to

How do I pay?

Visit make a payment to review instructions for submitting payments for agency billed and direct billed policies. 

How do I report a claim?

In the event of an actual or suspected cyber incident, the Victor Response mobile app allows policyholders to instantly notify a specialist team and receive a response within 30 minutes. Alternatively, please call the cyber incident response team on toll free 24-hour hotline (844) 677-4155 or email

How does the Victor Response mobile app benefit insureds?

The Victor Response mobile app provides insureds with exclusive access to a range of cybersecurity tools and services. These include cybersecurity advice, real time threat alerts, instant claims notification and access to world-class risk management tools, including phishing training, dark web monitoring and deep network scanning. For more information and guidance on how to use the app, view our Victor Response demo

Coverage FAQs

Do you cover cyber crime claims?

Yes, the coverage bundle referred to as "Cybercrime" covers social engineering, theft of personal funds, cyber extortion, ransomware attacks and unauthorized use of computer resources via "cryptojacking" or "botnetting." Cyber extortion is covered at policy limits and is not subject to the Cybercrime sublimit. 

How does your form compare to the market?

Our form is very competitive with our advanced quote option, including:

  • Consequential reputational harm extension
  • Customer payment fraud extension
  • Incident response outside of the policy limit
  • System damage and rectification costs amendatory
  • System failure extension
  • Media liability amendatory

What limits are available using V²?

Limits up to $250,000 are available for the cybercrime endorsement and up to $3 million for other coverages. Higher limits up to $5 million are also available with additional information on a non-admitted basis. 

Is coverage issued on admitted paper?

Yes, for up to $3 million in limits, for insureds located in all states excluding AK, CT and WA, and for most classes of business. 

Can retro dates be backdated?

Our policy form does not include a retro date, therefore, backdating is not required.

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