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Best practices for construction site theft prevention

It's vital that strong jobsite security measures are implemented in order for construction firms to protect their business, equipment, employees, and to help ensure the smooth running of projects.

While jobsite theft has always been a common occurrence in the construction industry, drastic material price increases coupled with supply chain issues over the last couple of years has made it even more appealing to thieves.

Below are some best practices that should be considered:

General security protocols

  • Before each project, create a site-specific security plan that includes details on security responsibilities assigned within the site management team
  • Encourage security awareness among workers and inspect the jobsite at the end of each day to ensure nothing has been compromised
  • Register all arrivals and exits to and from the jobsite
  • Limit on-site vehicle parking
  • Contact the local police department to establish cooperative jobsite security efforts
  • Develop and maintain friendly relations with neighbors, community groups and local coalitions

Security cameras

  • Install surveillance cameras in various points around the jobsite ensuring all areas and access points are being monitored and recorded
  • Consider a surveillance system that is capable of triggering alerts in the event of any suspicious activity


  • Set up lighting that illuminates all important areas (material and equipment storage areas, entry points, office trailers, etc.)
  • Motion activated lighting is a very effective deterrent and can also help reduce costs


  • Erect strong and sturdy fencing around the jobsite's perimeter and maintain an adjacent clear zone
  • Display no-trespassing signs to discourage unauthorized people from attempting to access the jobsite
  • Ensure fencing is as high as possible (ideally 8 foot or higher)
  • Regularly check fencing for weak spots or damage
  • Limit the number of gates and access points to the jobsite

Delivery and storage of materials, equipment and tools

  • Create and maintain an inventory of valuable items including keys to the jobsite
  • Place valuable items on upper level floors or under heavy items to make it harder for thieves to access
  • Consider offsite storage locations for high value items
  • Have materials delivered on an "as needed" basis
  • Plan for deliveries to arrive when at least one person will be at the jobsite

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