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ESG: Enhancing businesses’ sustainability and resilience

Whether it's reducing our carbon footprint, driving diversity in our teams or providing risk tools to our partners, our commitment to tomorrow starts today. As a global managing general underwriter, we help clients act in a more socially responsible way. And prepare them for future challenges.

We use ESG to our clients’ (and the world’s) advantage

Thinking about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) not only helps clients have a more positive societal impact. It also gives them a competitive edge. We advise our clients to take a deeper, longer-term view of how they operate, so they can:

  • Anticipate and mitigate transition risks (like net zero)
  • Prepare ahead of disruptive weather events
  • Improve workforce satisfaction, productivity and loyalty
  • Avoid reputational risks that arise from cyber breaches
  • And much more

Is your business ready to face the future of risk?

For small to midsize businesses, one of the challenges is how to evaluate emerging ESG risks in meaningful ways to address potential exposures as well as optimize tremendous business opportunities. 

Our ESG philosophy and journey

Find out how we’re using ESG to the benefit of our clients, our agents and brokers and society. 


ESG Risk Rater

Complete your ESG Risk Rating assessment and gain valuable insights into your firm's ESG performance, empowering you to get ahead of emerging risks and position your business for growth.

Facing the future of risk. Together.

Yvonne Castillo, Director of Risk Management, explains how ESG concepts help us make businesses more adaptable. 


of consumers are now willing to pay more for sustainable products or services1


Ransomware increased by 435% in 20202


worth of assets will be at risk from climate change by 20303

1 Business Wire. Recent Study Reveals More Than a Third of Global Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Sustainability as Demand Grows for Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives. October 2021.

2 World Economic Forum. The Global Risks Report 2022. 

3 Carbon Disclosure Project. Fighting climate change is vital for a sustainable economy.