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Learning Centre

The better your understanding of risk, the more likely your business is to prevent exposures and withstand the unexpected. We’ll give you the risk management knowledge you need to retain a competitive advantage and thrive in your field.

Risk knowledge that gives you the edge

Our risk management learning resources include:

  • eLearning Centre
  • Webcasts and webinars
  • Risk management advisories
  • Loss control bulletins and other resources

eLearning Centre

Master risk management from the comfort of your home.

Learn in a place and at a pace that works for you.

Webcasts and webinars

Tune into our upcoming coverage-specific webcasts and webinars, delivered by a whole host of world-class experts.

Loss control bulletins & other resources

  • FREE cyber assessment & consultation service—exclusively for ALL Victor Canada policyholders - Victor Canada policyholders — regardless of their coverage — now have access to a cyber assessment & consultation service (valued at $397 CAN) at no additional cost. They can connect with a cyber expert for a one-on-one consultation (via a video or phone call in 90 minutes or less) to learn about the cyber exposures their organization may be facing. More importantly, they can find out how they can protect themselves, their business, employees and clients from cyberattacks! #TheThreatIsReal

Businesses may not be aware of the various deductible features that are available as part of Victor Canada’s Architects & Engineers in Private Practice policy. On this resource page, Victor expert, Corinne McIntosh, explains deductibles and their benefits through short videos. We also provide examples of the deductibles in action to show how they could apply to a business—because we know that not all deductibles are created equal.


Matching our wide-ranging coverage with wide-ranging support

We’re here to take the frustration out of managing your insurance program. Find everything you need below.

Quote and bind online with V²

Are you a broker? Get everything done in one place with V2. Here, you can tick off your to-do-list, while picking off more risks.

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If you have any questions or concerns, we’re only a quick phone call or email away. 

Report a claim

Whatever the coverage, whatever the problem, we offer the support you need, when you need it.

Learning Centre

To manage and mitigate risk, you first need to understand it. Our eLearning courses and webcasts share the insights and vast knowledge we’ve gained through managing claims directly.

Claims examples

When do our coverages come in handy? We’ve put together some detailed scenarios to show the types of claims that can occur and why coverage is so important.