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eLearning Centre

Get access to our risk education developed exclusively for our professional liability clients and the brokers we work with. Our online courses feature realistic claims examples, mini quizzes and a project scenario to put your knowledge to the test.

eLearning course description

You’ll learn practical tips to manage unintended or unexpected risks when developing contracts.

You’ll become better informed about the risks encountered when using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and designing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects.

Important information

Please note: Access to this online risk management resource is limited to Victor policyholders and the network of brokers who work with us.

  • These courses are free for the staff members of firms insured with Victor
  • Staff members who take these courses are eligible for technical continuing education credit(s) with their provincial regulatory body
  • For each completed course, insured firms will receive a premium credit towards their Victor Professional Liability premium, which will be processed within 30 days after the renewal date. Please submit your certificate to your broker at the time of renewal in order to obtain the premium credit
  • To access the eLearning Centre, you’ll need a personal identification number (PIN) as well as your firm’s customer number (also called ISN). To obtain your PIN, contact your broker or send an email with your name and firm name to

  • These courses will help you understand the risks that your clients face and the ways that your clients can minimize their liability
  • They will also provide you with educational credits towards your broker license, as our courses have been accredited by the provincial licensing bodies for insurance brokers across Canada
  • To access the eLearning Centre, you will need a personal identification number (PIN). To obtain your PIN, please contact your Victor underwriter or send an email with your name and brokerage name to

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Learning Centre

To manage and mitigate risk, you first need to understand it. Our eLearning courses and webcasts share the insights and vast knowledge we’ve gained through managing claims directly.

Claims examples

When do our coverages come in handy? We’ve put together some detailed scenarios to show the types of claims that can occur and why coverage is so important.