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Group Benefits

Access customized Life and Health insurance for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our Group Benefits program is wide-ranging and backed by a market-leading group of service providers.

Group Benefits Connect

Group Benefits Connect is our online portal.

Here, you’ll find the good stuff, including your coverage summary, benefits booklets, claims forms and access to Victor Central, our Claims & Digital Wellness Centre.

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Strengthen your protection, strengthen your business

Our well-designed Group Benefits program can provide valuable protection and care for your employees.

The result? They will not only help you retain your existing staff – but also attract the best talent out there.

Program overview

From Dental Care to Dependent Life Insurance, discover our full range of Group Benefits products.

How to get a quote

Interested in our program? Find out who to contact and how to get started.

Manage your benefits online

Log in and power on. Access forms, claims services and wellness information all online. All in one place.

How to submit a claim

From mobile apps to personal support, manage your claims your way.

Do you have retiring employees? We’ve got plans for that, too

Discover how our range of insurance products for retirees can help your employees thrive in later life.

Matching our wide-ranging coverage with wide-ranging support

We’re here to take the frustration out of managing your insurance program. Find everything you need below.

Manage your benefits online with Group Benefits Connect

Group Benefits Connect is our always-on, on-demand hub for all your forms, claims services, wellness information – and much more.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re only a quick phone call or email away. 

Submit a claim

From mobile apps to personal support, manage your claims your way here.

Talk to a sales representative

A helping hand to understand our products. We'll walk you through the options and help you determine what is right for you.

Plan advisor marketing kit

All the information you need to support your clients is readily available.