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Annual Travel Insurance

Travel is full of unexpected adventures. But it can also be full of unexpected setbacks.

If you have a medical emergency and you are out of your home province, you may not know where to turn, who to talk to or how to deal with it. This is where we come in.

Travel with fewer worries slowing you down

When you enroll in a Victor Health or Health & Dental Insurance Plan, consider adding Victor Annual Travel Insurance. With the extra coverage, you can travel with confidence, knowing that help is always by your side.

Please note

The Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan must be purchased at the time of enrollment in a Victor Health or Health & Dental Insurance Plan. It cannot be purchased on its own. The Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan is underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.

Plan benefits and eligibility

You and/or your spouse must be covered under the Government Health Insurance Plan of your province or territory of residence (such as OHIP) and have your permanent residence in Canada to enroll in the Annual Travel Insurance Plan.

When you and/or your spouse apply for the Victor Health Insurance Plan, this will be the only chance to enroll in the Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan. When you’re accepted in the Victor Health Insurance Plan, you’re guaranteed acceptance into the Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan.

If you and your spouse are enrolling in the Victor Health Insurance Plan as a couple and you are adding the Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan, you must take couple coverage for both plans.

Choose the plan that meets your travel needs. With coverage for trips of up to 180 days of the year. This includes:

  • Up to $5 million of coverage per insured person, per trip (certain benefit limits apply)
  • Favourable stability period for pre-existing medical conditions
    - Three months for high blood pressure and six months for other conditions
  • Once enrolled, there is no maximum age limit for coverage
  • The trip duration may be changed annually, with no medical questions

If you are taking a longer trip than your Victor Annual Travel Insurance Plan allows, you can contact our travel insurance provider directly at 1-833-389-1087 to purchase a separate, individual travel insurance plan for the additional days.

They also offer non-medical coverage, which includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage and personal effects benefits, and more.

After enrollment, you’ll be given a medical assistance card with emergency telephone numbers, which you must call before getting medical assistance, in the event of a medical emergency. 

Here is a chart showing some of the Annual Travel Insurance Plan benefits:




Hospital or medical facility accommodation

Reasonable and customary charges*, private room 

Incidental expenses

Up to $250 

Physician charges

Reasonable and customary charges* 

Private duty nurses

Up to $5,000 

Diagnostic services

Reasonable and customary charges* 

Medical appliances

Reasonable and customary charges* 

Paramedical services

$500 per profession 


30-day supply per prescription 

Lost prescriptions

Up to $250 

Ground ambulance services

Reasonable and customary charges* 

Emergency air transportation

Reasonable and customary charges* 

Transportation to bedside

Economy round-trip airfare and up to $250 per day, to a maximum of $5,000 for meals and accommodation per trip 

Return of travel companion

One-way economy airfare 

Return of deceased

Up to $15,000 for the cost of preparation and transportation of deceased, or up to $5,000 for cremation and/or burial 

Meals and accommodation

Up to $250 per day, to a maximum of $5,000 per trip 

Treatment of dental accidents

Up to $2,500 

Treatment of dental pain

Up to $300 

Pet return

Up to $500 

Vehicle return

Up to $10,000 

Alternate transportation

Up to $5,000 

Medical referral

Up to $75,000 per person, per lifetime 


* Reasonable and customary charges mean charges incurred for goods and services that are comparable to what other providers charge for similar goods and services in the same geographical area.

The information found on this web page is intended for promotional purposes and is not an insurance policy. It is not an offer of insurance. It contains some information about coverages offered by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company but it does not list all of the conditions and exclusions that apply to the described coverages. The actual wording of the policy governs all situations. The products described are subject to change without notice at any time.

Manulife, Manulife & Stylized M Design, and Stylized M Design are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license. © 2022 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. All rights reserved. Administered by Victor Insurance Managers Inc.

1  Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it will be covered provided your condition has remained stable for a period of six months immediately before departure.

For high blood pressure conditions only, the stability period is three months.

Your policy will include the definition of “stable”. Refer to your policy for the complete list of benefits, exclusions and limitations.

Pre-existing medical conditions may need to be stable for a certain period of time in order to be eligible for coverage under this insurance, even when no medical questionnaire is required.

Refer to your policy for information on how claims are managed.

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