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Program advantages

Victor's Forest & Logging program offers a number of benefits to your clients.

Commercial general liability

Benefit to your clients

The policy does not contain a total pollution exclusion. We provide some coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of escape of fuels, lubricants or other operating fluids needed for the operation of mobile equipment. 

Logging & lumbering broad form liability endorsement

Benefit to your clients

We offer coverage for fire suppression, property damage to timberland (overcut/timber trespass) and property damage as a result of loading or unloading. This coverage is available by endorsement to the commercial general liability policy.

Pesticide or herbicide applicator coverage

Benefit to your clients

The policy can be extended to include bodily injury and property damage arising out of application of pesticide or herbicides. This is an important coverage for risks involved in logging and reforestation.

One-stop shopping

Benefit to your clients

Get all of your coverages in one place, with one carrier. Victor's Forest & Logging program is admitted and provides commercial general liability, inland marine (contractors equipment), commercial automobile/truckers and umbrella coverage - all with an A rated carrier. Coverage and limits may vary by state.

Commercial automobile, broadened pollution

Benefit to your clients

The policy can be endorsed to provide coverage for a common exposure many logging operations face; carrying fuel and lubricants in tanks or drums out to the woods in a covered automobile.

For more information about Victor's Forest & Logging program, connect with your business development contact or email